Congratulations to our U13/2’s Lidcombe Waratah FC for being crowned the 2018 Minor Premiers and Grand Champions!

2018 U13:2


Congratulations to our U14/3’s Lidcombe Waratah FC for being crowned the 2018¬†Grand Champions!

2018 U14:3 .jpg



It was another weekend full of intensity and excitement as 4 teams played in major semi’s:


2018 U13/2's Major Semi's

2018 U13/2’s Major Semi’s

The minor premiers, U13/2’s were able to secure their spot in the 2018 Grand Final winning their major semi’s against Pendle Hill FC. Good work boys!

Youth 2

2018 Youth 1 Major Semi's (Ermington United vs Lidcombe Waratah)

2018 Youth 2 Major Semi’s (Ermington United vs Lidcombe Waratah)

Youth 2 bow out of the competition losing to Ermington United in an intense match (2-1). Despite the loss the team were able to place second on the ladder with 60 goals scored throughout the season. All the best to the players completing their HSC in the coming weeks!


All Age Mens 3

All Age Men 3

The AAM3 also bow out of the competition losing to Merrylands FC in penalty shoot-outs. AAM3 also placed second on the ladder with 72 goals scored during the season. A great effort from an exceptional team!


2018 AAM5 Major Semi's

2018 AAM5 Major Semi’s

The AAM5 had the odds against them having not won against Newington in the season however the team played their hearts out and were able to win their major semi’s (2-1), placing them in the 2018 Grand Final. This will be the team’s first GF!


Results from the Minor Semi’s & Updates for Major Semi’s

It was an intense weekend for the club with 6 teams competing in the minor semi’s.

2018 U14/3's Minor Semi's

2018 U14/3’s Minor Semi’s (Lidcombe Waratah vs Dundas United)

The club would like to congratulate the U14/3’s in securing their spot in Grand Finals! Their game played into extra time where they were able to score (3 – 1) against Dundas United. A great effort from the team and their coach, Kelvin Yeung on a spectacular win! Our first team in the club to secure a spot in the 2018 GF’s!


2018 U15/3's Minor Semi's

2018 U15/3’s Minor Semi’s

The U15/3’s were unfortunately knocked out of the final series with a loss to Granville Waratahs. A big thank you to the team and their coach, Hebba Eid for their efforts to qualify for the 2018 Final Series – we will see you next season for another shot at it!

2018 Major Semi’s

The major semi’s (knock-out round) will be played on 25 August and the following teams will be competing for a spot in the Grand Final:

Further information regrading the schedule for major semi’s will shortly be provided to the coaches who will notify players/parents and carers.