Results: AAL Semi Finals & Round 18

The All Age Ladies (AAL) team played their minor semi’s against Ponds FC on Sunday, 12 August. It was a tight game with both sides fighting to the end. Unfortunately Lidcombe were defeated (2-0) and bowed out of the final series. Despite the loss the team put in a tremendous effort through the season along with their Coach, Martin Byrne and Manager, Rod Mcfarlane. Congratulations on getting this far and representing the club as the only all-female squad!

The  weekend proved eventful with the following teams securing their spot in the final series:

  • 13/2 (currently in 1st place)
  • 14/3 (currently in 2nd place)
  • 15/3 (currently in 4th place)
  • AAM 3 (currently in 2nd place)
  • AAM 5 (currently in 4th place)
  • Youth 2 (currently in 2nd place)

The Under 13/3, AAM 4 and Over 45’s played out their season in R18. A great effort from the teams this season!

The minor semi’s for GDSFA will be hosted on Saturday, 18 August. Further information regrading the schedule will shortly be provided to the coaches.




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