Results from the Minor Semi’s & Updates for Major Semi’s

It was an intense weekend for the club with 6 teams competing in the minor semi’s.

2018 U14/3's Minor Semi's

2018 U14/3’s Minor Semi’s (Lidcombe Waratah vs Dundas United)

The club would like to congratulate the U14/3’s in securing their spot in Grand Finals! Their game played into extra time where they were able to score (3 – 1) against Dundas United. A great effort from the team and their coach, Kelvin Yeung on a spectacular win! Our first team in the club to secure a spot in the 2018 GF’s!


2018 U15/3's Minor Semi's

2018 U15/3’s Minor Semi’s

The U15/3’s were unfortunately knocked out of the final series with a loss to Granville Waratahs. A big thank you to the team and their coach, Hebba Eid for their efforts to qualify for the 2018 Final Series – we will see you next season for another shot at it!

2018 Major Semi’s

The major semi’s (knock-out round) will be played on 25 August and the following teams will be competing for a spot in the Grand Final:

Further information regrading the schedule for major semi’s will shortly be provided to the coaches who will notify players/parents and carers.


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