2019 Grand Finalist

Congratulations to our U15s team, led by Coach Patrick Venegas and Manager, Kelvin Yeung for maintaining a great season. The team were able to secure the Minor Premiership and were also crowned Grand Finalists!

The team’s delivery and individual play were brilliant during the Grand Final match against Granville Waratah. We are so proud of the team for taking out the season!

2019 Minor Premiers – U15

It’s been a fantastic season for the U15s team taking out, yet again, the minor premiership title – congratulations! Their coach, Patrick and manager, Kelvin have done a great job shaping this team throughout the years – well done!

2019 Semi-Finals – 24 August 2019

  • 12/4 Lidcombe Waratahs vs. Guildford McCredie
    • Ted Burge Sportsground at 09:00
  • 14/2 Lidcombe Waratahs vs. Pendle Hill
    • Ted Burge Sportsground at 14:00
  • 15/2 Lidcombe Waratahs vs. Granville Waratah
    • Eric Primrose Reserve at 09:00
  • Youth 2 Lidcombe Waratahs vs. Dundas United
    • Ron Mondy Oval at 11:00

online self-registration

Summer Football Online Self-registration

All players must self-register and pay the applicable registration fees via the FFA registration website – link on this page.

Registration fee table on this page.
Please follow these simple steps to begin your registration:

  1. Apply for the second round of the Active Kids Voucher via the Services NSW website link below (for school-age members only). The ‘Active Kids Voucher’ can be redeemed directly through the Playfootball registration website.


2. Begin the self-registration process via the link below  (all members). Players who did not play in the winter competition will need to create an account in Playfootball, login and then proceed to register.


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PLAYERS WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE 2020 WINTER COMPETITION – Your fee is reduced as the insurance component was paid when you registered for the winter competition. As you proceed through the registration process, this reduction should take affect automatically however, you MUST register in the exact same manner as you did when you register for the winter competition. Therefore, please ensure you:-

  • Use the same email address and password to log into your account
  • Register in the exact same manner as you did in your winter registration.

It is very important that you choose the same options in particular, when you are selecting between ‘I am registering myself’ or ‘Register my ….’.

If you are having difficulty registering you may contact the LWJFC Registrar and/or Summer football co-ordinators via the forms further down this page.

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