Club Safe Football Personnel

Responsible and/or Risk Management

  • President – Michael Cush
  • Secretary – Tilila Taofi

Emergency Contacts

  • Dial 000 to access emeregency services (Ambulance / Police / Fire Station)
  • Nearest Police Station: Auburn Police Station – 9646 8699 (Cnr of Queen and Susan Streets, Auburn)
  • Nearest Hospital: Auburn Hospital – 8759 3000 (18/20 Hargrave Road, Auburn)

Insurance and Injuries

Insurance is provided to those registered with the GDSFA by Football NSW and insurer Gow Gates.

The new FNSW Insurance website is now available at

This website should be used as the primary reference for any insurance-related issues.

Do not risk it! Always ensure shin guards are worn at training and for all matches. Notification of all trial or friendly matches must be given to the GDSFA front office.



  1. As soon as possible notify the Secretary of any injuries sustained during training or competition games
  2. The Secretary will advise you on what needs to be done and where to complete a claim form (online or hardcopy). Note: You will need to fill the form with a legally qualified medical practitioner providing the treatment for your injury
  3. You will also need the Secretary to sign/approve the claim form and he/she will then liaise with GDSFA to also sign the form.
  4. Ensure you hold on to any receipts / reports for any medical expenses for your injury

All sports injury claims are to be lodged online via FFA Insurance Programme site. You can download the Risk Management App on to your smartphone to also submit your claim.

If you are unable to lodge your claim online you can alternatively download the PDF form from the site.