Players can purchase socks, shorts and shin pads from the Club for a nominal cost.  You are not obliged to purchase the gear from the Club but we do ask that you buy the socks from us with the word Lidcombe down the side.

Player shirts will be provided by the Club and remain the property of Lidcombe Waratah.  Most junior teams establish a laundry roster so that the team shirts are all kept together each week.  Our Club colours are:

  • Socks: Red with a white turnover (Lidcombe down the side)
  • Shorts: Red
  • Shirts: Red with white trim (Home) / White with red trim (Away)

Players without the correct attire will not be permitted to take the field.

Shin pad must cover 3/4 of the shin to be legal and must be worn both at training and during the game.